Weird Behavior on Forum

The problems I'm having are insane. Even with hacks disabled. I don't even have 30 active users on my forum. Is that too much??

Please open a ticket so we can take a look. For fast replies I highly recommend that instead of having you wait around for us to reply. Hope this helps.

Thanks Joel. I've opened a ticket. No one has been able to say too much.

I've reinstalled my clients forums. Uninstalled all hacks, and still get page timeouts? Says the server has been reset. When I check in WHM, server load may be .50....maybe even .80 (is that too high???).

It just happened and these were the stats:

This is cpu, memory and processes (in that order)
0.52/ 6.26 /7.8

Server Load0.04 (2 cpus)[Broken External Image]: Memory Used57.4 %[Broken External Image]:

I just KNEW after reinstalling, optimizing, removing all hacks/plugins things would run smoothly.