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Discussion in 'Linux VPS/Dedicated - cPanel' started by TheBigWeb, Jul 24, 2010.

  1. TheBigWeb

    TheBigWeb New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I hope someone can suggest a reason why some of my websites are running really slowly on my VPS. I have contacted support and they have tweaked a few settings but I still seem to be having issues. This is by no means having a go at KnownHost support as they have been great getting back to me with suggestions etc. I just thought someone may have had similar issues.

    Heres a quick overview of the problem: -

    I have the VS2-ca VPS package. I have a couple of small Wordpress blogs that receive a handful of traffic a day and a few parked domains. The problem seems to happen when I first access the websites. It can take several minutes to connect and IE says 'Connecting...' and often just gives up leading to a blank page. Eventually after several attempts the Website loads (but quite slowly).

    I have tried from many different ISP's and even through a USA proxy to see if was a problem with my ISP's DNS servers.

    If my websites were getting lots of traffic I would understand but the server is barely touched. I am hesitant promoting the sites until I can get to the bottom of it.

    I really hope somebody has some light to shed on this issues as I am pulling my hair out :confused:

    Thanks in advance


  2. Bryan

    Bryan Very Happy KH VPS User

    Does this happen all the time or only various times of the day? If you want to PM me some of the sites, I would be happy to look at them from the US.
  3. TheBigWeb

    TheBigWeb New Member

    Hi Bryan,

    Thanks for the reply. It seems to happen when the sites haven't been accessed for a while. I normally check them about 9am here in the UK. It can take a few minutes before the sites load (if at all). Once they load once, it is much easier to access them again although it can still be painfully slow. I would have thought it would be much quicker as the VPS is barely used at the moment.

    I can't seem to PM yet due to my post count? Here is one of the websites anyway. Please remove the #'s.


    Thanks for your help. :)
  4. khiltd

    khiltd New Member

    If you run a profiler you'll find many areas that need improvement, but your speed issues are more than likely caused by the fact that you're on the other side of an ocean and probably have some gimpy nameservers from your ISP.
  5. Bryan

    Bryan Very Happy KH VPS User


    Hate to say, but I'm getting the exact same results you are. I see you're in the LA datacenter. I'm also in LA (in fact, about 4 hops away from the server) and tested your site with my 30mbit connection, with my wireless broadband card, and on the network at work.

    The first time, your site timed out completely. The second time, it finally loaded at 1m23s. Now it's blazing fast and is loading in a matter of seconds.

    One other marginally weird thing I noted was that your server's ping times were through the roof every now and again. A couple times pinging the server timed out completely and other times, it was 4-5x's higher than the ping times to my server in the same datacenter (I'm on VZ10).

    So I don't think the issue is on your end.
  6. khiltd

    khiltd New Member

    Then try it with a static page rather than a Wordpress instance.
  7. mylinear

    mylinear Member

    I found that the first access was very slow, a couple of minutes to complete. Reloading the page after that was ok.

    I notice that using IE7, the status bar showed there were errors in the page of the site you provided. Maybe you can try the first access using Firefox or Chrome etc instead to see if that helps. Also try on a static site to eliminate problems with the website code itself.

    Maybe you can try to reboot the VPS to see if that clears up anything. Maybe your DNS is responding very slow the first time there is a request. Or ask KH to check on vz27 node for anything unusual that can be causing this.
  8. TheBigWeb

    TheBigWeb New Member

    Guys, thanks very much for taking time out to check into this problem. I think I will open another ticket with support and point them to this thread.

    Thanks again :)
  9. MikeT

    MikeT New Member

    I see I am not the only one with this problem, takes for ever to get into wordpress, not to mention every morning sites slow or time out for several hours, support = no help
  10. TheBigWeb

    TheBigWeb New Member

    Support have tweaked the following settings but doesn't seem to have corrected the issue. Not sure what to do now :mad:

    MaxKeepAliveRequests from 100 to 1000

  11. khiltd

    khiltd New Member

    Support can't fix buggy software. Do static pages load normally?
  12. TheBigWeb

    TheBigWeb New Member

    Same thing on a static one page landing page on another domain....

    The wordpress blog also has 0 posts!
  13. urbanstorm

    urbanstorm New Member

    Similar problems

    I am having the same issue with my joomla cms sites on my VPS. They intermittently run really slow to the point of not opening at all at times. The tweaks support have made don't seem to be making a difference either.

    Any advice/help is appreciated, its getting quite frustrating.
  14. tones_ie

    tones_ie New Member

    @ TheBigWeb did u ever get to the bottom of this?

    @ urbanstorm.....I too have the extact same problem these last 2 weeks or has been great as usual and have made similial tweaks but they dont seem to help at all....

    This is a new client and hes in teh process of a new build... like other users...i too have same probs connecting...sometimes it times out..sometimes it sits there "thinking" about connection ..once it does...then its loads as they should.

    some of the tweaks they tried are as follows
    KeepAliveTimeout (Number of seconds to wait for the next request from the same client on the same connection.) : Changed from 15 to 3.
    We have also changed MaxRequestsPerChild to 600 in httpd.conf file.

    They suggested i upgrade the RAM on the server as they saw lots of memory alerts via power panel.

    Im all for upgrading if the VPS has hit its peak but would hate to go through all that to discover the upgrade hasnt fixed the process of contacting sales to upgrade from VPS to hybrid....i dunno what to do now... !
  15. fabio76

    fabio76 New Member

    Well I experienced the same problem, migrated from another hosting I had it was a shared hosting plan
    My sites yeasterday went down for 3hrs and that never happened on sharared hosting before...
    I was too advised to upgrade my hosting plan.
    I believe their support is great and I am not saying I am not happy with service but
    honestly I never experienced this kind of problems before on a 4$ per month shared hosting.
  16. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Hello everyone,

    I am sure I do not see the kind of traffic on any of the sites that I host but I have to say I am pretty surprised at so many people having the same problems. I am on a VS2 and very seldom even use more than half of my available ram.

    Could you maybe take a look at top and post the results? We can try to see what is chewing up the ram and maybe we can disable some services or something.
  17. tones_ie

    tones_ie New Member

    Hi Dan :)

    Not sure what you mean by this " Could you maybe take a look at top and post the results? "

    Well....i bit the bullet and upgraded from vps to far so good :) will keep an eye on things and report back...
  18. Sherrie

    Sherrie Member

    I have definitely noticed a degradation in server performance over the last few months, originally the vps for the one site felt like overkill but now it feels like a shared server particularly during my sites off peak times (mostly Australian visitors) which is peak for everyone else.
  19. Aussie_Boy

    Aussie_Boy Member

    I have the simliar issues. Over the last 4 weeks I've seen my hybrid server performance lag with huge cpu spikes.
  20. KH-Joel

    KH-Joel KH Sales Staff Member


    If anyone is having issues still please let Support know and if that was already done ask for the ticket to be escalated. We aren't having server or network issues and won't just ignore issues if the issues are continuing. We don't monitor the forums for technical support but I do encourage all of you to open tickets if not done already so whatever issue your having is dug into a bit further. Hope this helps.


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