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Actually not my first post and I am a long-time client of KH, but my old account got scratched with the latest site change. But is it just me, or has this latest website structure change effed up things by a mile and then some?

I'm using a desktop and I find it incredibly hard now navigating the site and knownhost per se. Parts of the site "fall off" the screen, regardless of browser by the way. Stuff I used to be able to raise at a single click (support, account data, forums) now make me chase tail in circles, taking minutes and pulled hairs off my head to find. It's worse than internet 1.0 and hunting for something on usenet.

Could I ask why you made these changes? And why they ended up being so unusable and convoluted? Does this possibly look and work better on a smartphone? Frankly, I am puzzled.

That's the first time I've heard of any display issues with the website, can you let us know what browser (and version) your using along with your operating system?

With that we should be able to re-create any issues your having.
Hi Daniel,

it's a current version of Chrome, and a pretty much current version of FF (115, but not entirely up to date), and it happens on another computer with different specs just the same.

The problem started the moment you changed the website, and a lot of what I am talking about is not just CSS, it's basic architecture. What it asks me to do to get to what and where. HUGE spaces (I work at a 32" monitor, and the buttons are the size of a very large bottle-cap. Other items are an entire screen across. It takes me, regularly, ten minutes to find the forums link (and that because in the end I have a crying sh*tfit and scroll to the bottom to find the link-tree there).

It's not just spacing and looks (too bright, lines too light, stuff barely readable), items which "vanish" into the off when I open menus, etc.. Above all it is the unnatural "architecture". It is the opposite of being intuitive. The site feels like it was constructed by someone from Mars. Or maybe even Alpha Centauri. Possibly M61.;)

Really, I'm not normally a complaining banshee type and I've loved KH ever since I signed up for my first hosted account. But had I encountered your new website before signing on (somewhen in the early 2000s), I'd never have done so. I'm not trying to rain on your parade, you must be awfully proud to have made the change of pulling it all together. I just wished I could go back to the old solution, which despite two logins was way easier to navigate.

That does sound very odd indeed, I run 2k resolution 27" screens and if anything the content feels a bit on the small size.

Can you maybe add some screen shots of what you're seeing and pick a particular URL to focus on just to make sure we're seeing the same thing?