Website Monitors


SHADO Operative

I'm curious what experience other users have with website monitoring services. I've tested out a few with mixed results. - seems to work well. pricing is overly complictated. - bare bones features, seems not to work as well as a site has to be unavailable for an set (they wouldn't tell me) amount of time to register as downtime. I like their daily, weekly, and monthly reporting features. pricing is easier to figure out. - barebones. pricing easy to figure out, more expensive than others.

Does anybody else use these or other services? I'd love to hear what you think.


I used WebsitePulse in the past. They have a tremendous amount of features, a round the clock support team and all in all are a great company in all respects. I left because hypserpin ultimately gave me a better deal but I would definitely check out ask for a "quote", and let them know the deal hyperspin gives you and they will match and beat the price).
I've also used in the past. Seems to work fairly well but all I've ever had with them is the free account.