Website "hangs"


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We are on the VPS Mtx plan. We didn't change any of the default setting that was installed. We just immediately installed our forum, which is running on Simple Machines.

For the past few days, our website has been "hanging" (for lack of better term). This means that whenever we type the URL in our browser, there will be a very very long waiting time before Firefox finally displays its usual connection problem error. However, whenever we restart our VPS, everything goes back to normal.

Could anyone guide me on how to troubleshoot a problem such as this? I am pretty new with VPS, and I would really appreciate any guidance in the right direction.
Do you have cPanel installed in your VPS?
Hi Paul!
  • I have DirectAdmin, not Cpanel. Is there a way for me to enable the service manager/chkservd daemon from Direct Admin?
  • I checked QoS Alerts, & I see some "Yellow Zone" privvmpages. Do you know what this means?
  • Is there a way to change the MaxClients of Apache from PowerPanel or DirectAdmin? Or do I have to do it in (gulp) the SSH command line?
  • What is the ideal MaxClients value for Apache?
Not that this will help, but I'm also running a SMF forum on the Mtx plan without any issue. However, my forum is just a small family forum. How large is your forum? Is it possible that you just have too much activity for the M plan?

I might be a bit late but I recall seeing something similar in the past in one of the tickets. If I remember correctly problem was traced down to some issued with mod_python. Check your Apache configuration and comment our LoadModule / AddModule for mod_pythong and restart Apache.