VZPP Backups


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Under VZPP there's a maintenance tab, I created a backup through that since I plan on performing a few upgrades / maintenance on my account, and seeing how I haven't performed any real server administration for well over two years, I thought I would back it up. The backup size lists only as 87.37 Mb, is this just a backup of files changed from an original install (so it can image the rest), or what? Why is it so... tiny :eek:
Full VPS backup stores all private VPS files. Incremental backup will store only files that were modified since last full backup was created.

Does this store system files as well? Say I were to start adding modules to Apache / changing MySQL for optimization, etc. Are these files included in the seemingly small "full" backup in case I screw something up.

P.S. There's a lot of work I need to do, hence why I want to do it myself. :)
It definately backs up everything.

When I first started with my VPS, I started messing around with some settings and messed things up pretty good. I loged on and restored from the backup and all was good again.