I'm noticing some higher than normal load levels on my VPS (which I believe is on vz24).
Normally my load is zero during the day with occasional trips to the .1 range then back to zero. My sites do not get a lot of traffic. Right now the load is 0.67 0.30 0.22 and has been non-zero for several hours.

I don't think these are horrible load values for the hardware, the fact that they are "out of the norm" has me concerned.

In TOP I don't see anything taking up CPU time other than the normal occasional httpd or mysql, then everything is back to zero.

I also notice that the power panel is not displaying any resource info. It says n/a for disk and memory usage. I'm wondering if these things are related some how.

Hi Mike,

If you are seeing higher than normal CPU usage but none of your processes is using it that normally means that someone else on the machine is using those cycles. If it has continued for a long time and it's effecting usage on your VPS then go ahead and shoot a ticket in to support about it and they will take a look.
Is there a way to know which server I'm on? I think I may be on 24 as well based on past outages and seeing in status which server was having a problem.

I see a very similar thing happen on mine especially at certain times of the day. I also don't get a ton of traffic abd will see it jump sometimes to 2.x where the server will stop responding almost
Hi Mike,

Sure there is. Do a traceroute from your server to someplace and you'll see which server you're on right at the beginning.

Support will know which server you are on though, you shouldn't have to tell them that :)