vz23-tx VPS Random High Loads


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I'm on a vps which I use for small development projects.I have almost zero traffic.

I get random high server loads so bad that I can't even do my work.

I've been going back and forth with support, they say there were no high loads but why did it take a minute and a half to login to WHM and why when I finally did get logged in the server load was 1.3 - 2. This is a small vps and loads over .6 drastically slows it down.

Another thing, and this has been happening since I signed up. Almost every night around 10pm CST, the load is so high the vps is unusable. This lasts from 10 minutes to an hour.

Support is always good but on this issue they have been absolutely useless.

If I wanted this kind of aggravation I'd get a $8 a month reseller account.

I hate to have to move but that's the way it's looking.

Maybe its other VPS clients on the node running disk intensive tasks that may be causng the slow-down? The 10pm issue sounds like daily backups running at that time.

For the 10pm issue, try to submit a ticket in advance before 10pm and request support monitor the loads to see if they can see the issue. You could also monitor the loads yourself, eg every 5 - 10 mins and then submit the results to support to show them the issue. Otherwise, by the time support checks on it, your loads may be normal and they won't see any problem.

Also request your ticket to be escalated to a higher tech level.
ePlanetDesign - is there any chance that your ticket number is 178986? If not, could you please PM me your ticket so I can check what might be going on?
I sometimes see similar CPU spikes that appear to be coming from outside of my container (32-tx). It happens so fast and so unpredictably that there's nothing I can show to support to help them diagnose it.

I would be suspicious that there is something wrong in VZ's handling of equal-share CPU somewhere. It didn't used to be this way so perhaps a bug was introduced in a version update or a node config change.
I've been having the same issue. I issued a ticket and support told me everything was fine. Ticket # 180372
I just noticed a slowdown, checked the server and found 1.42 on the server load. No idea what caused that. Returned to normal after a few minutes.
jamesp57 - as I can see ticket #180372 is open regarding the VPS located in Los Angeles, CA, is there any chance that wrong IP was supplied in the ticket as VPS which is hosted in Los Angeles cannot be located on vz23-tx machine.
I'll update your ticket shortly to double check the IP.