VZ update system software and backups


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Last week I updated container software, which broke several things in WHM including disabling csf. After contacting support, the only option I was given was to restore the container from their backup. Instead I restored from my own backup which took roughly ten hours (4.4GB).

Then last night I attempted to back up the container again. It hung at 70% until KH killed the process for me. When I inquired as to a possible reason why the backup did not work, I was only advised not to use the backup function in vz. I realize that remote backups are best but it's reassuring for someone like myself to have a backup ready on the server as well as remotely.

Here are my questions:
- Since keeping software updated is crucial to security, has anyone been able to successfully update container software through vz without a problem? If so, how did you accomplish it?
- Has anyone experienced the same issue with a backup hanging for hours or know of a reason why that would happen? I googled till my fingers almost fell off and couldn't find an answer.
- Is there a list anywhere of which vz functions should never be used on a KH vps? Since I no longer have a handy current backup, I'm really scared of innocently clicking on something that will destroy the functionality of my vps.

Thanks to anyone who can give some advice!
Mods, please delete this thread and my forum account. I've cancelled my Known Host account due to terrible service. Thank you.

I'm sorry to learn about your decision to cancel your account with us. Is there any way you can either PM or email (paul(at)knownhost.com) more information about the terrible service you've received? To be honest with you I'm a bit surprised with this statement as our whole team is doing everything possible to provide exception customer service and as such I would really appreciate your feedback to find out what exactly have happened and what needs to be done to improve our service.

As for your questions - there is a reason why the options you're referring to were removed from main screens in the Power Panel - in most cases they either don't work or cause damage like what you've experienced. Unfortunately we haven't found a way to remove them from Power Panel submenus and if ability to do so will appear this will be done right away.
Based on the forum this was posted in you had cPanel VPS with us, if this is the case your VPS was pre-configured to apply updates to the control panel and OS on daily basis so unless this functionality was explicitly disabled by you your VPS was up to date. As for backups - we create backups every other day and can restore them if needed. All that needs to be done to initiate VPS restore from the backup is to open a ticket with our support team.