VS4 moodle question



Hi folks,

Our organization is considering getting a VS4 account for a moodle. At this point we have about 20 online students and 3-4 online classes per semester and offer weekly lectures as flash files for viewing online and for download. There is also forum activity and assignment uploads. We don't schedule concurrent activities like quizzes though.

We are being hosted by a shared server and it isn't working. Knownhost has been recommended by others who are running moodles. I'm thinking the resources with a VS4 will be more than adequate for our needs now and into the future, particularly for our flash media needs.

VS4 may in fact be overall more resources than we need to run the moodle considering the relatively small number of students, but I am most interested in getting at least 1GB RAM or more due to the media component. So VS4 looks like the one since upgrading the RAM on one of the smaller account would bring the cost up to VS4 but without VS4 bandwidth etc.

Anywho I had a few questions and hoped you could help clarify them for me. Thanks in advance :)

Is tech support able to help walk me through installing the moodle either manually or via cPanel/fantastico?

Also we on currently hosted on a shared server with cPanel. Is it possible to migrate over the resources if we don't have root access to the shared server?

Does tech support have any experience troubleshooting moodle if by chance any problems arise? We don't have IT support on staff at the moment.

Thanks very much,
Hello Megan,

Thanks for your interest in KnownHost. Also, the background information on the website was helpful. As long as the moodle is an application supported via Fantastico we can install it for you. If it's not we still can if you provide a link to it online. We can definitely migrate your current data on the cPanel shared hosting server. You should have a backup icon which we can use to backup/restore the account into the new cPanel VPS with us.

We don't have employees who specialize in moodle but we always do our best to assist if at all possible. We can't guarantee anything when it comes to third party applications though.