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Hi Guys,

I am the owner of the VS3 package here at knownhost and i am looking for tips on how to optimize my vps to improve the speed of my main site.

I host several sites on this host, but they have low traffic each, probably 10-40 and some of them are html only, no DB.

My main site is a games portal that has around 2000 UV per day, and i need to improve the speed, now is decent but i need more speed:

Info on the site:


- Created on Word press engine
- Site is dynamic, all query from DB, it has some popular scripts which counts the visits for each post, for queries.
- it requires heavy js on some pages.

What i did so far:

- subdomains for different types of content around 3, static(images), video and js, and so on.
- optimize the js loads for each page.
- running a PHP thumbnailer for thumbs, it creates a cache version on first load and loads the cache from the server on second load
PHP Thumbnailer from Gen X Design
- optimized parts of the word press engine for faster load
- i tried to use w3cache but overall it doesnt work good, since google starts to index cache pages, it has problems with some of the things i did to the site, and it uses a lot of sources when it generates the cache.
- optimize the DB from time to time.

Overall i think i will have to improve the speed, optimized the DB, since everything is dynamic. Unfortunately i only know only basic things on server, how to run them, and a few tweaks there and here.

If you have any hints and tips, let me know, thanks
After writing the post above i went to work for 12 hours, and i reduced my site speed from 12 secs to 4-5 secs:)

In the end if you want to do something just research, debug:)

Now i am happy:D
Very nicely done idragon!

Perhaps you could share with us some of what you did?
Very nicely done idragon!

Perhaps you could share with us some of what you did?

1. I installed YSlow plugin in firefox and page speed plugin. I started to analyze what are the objects, files that breaks my domain speed,. To view a detailed progress when loading refresh the page while having the yslow open with tabs (Net > All )

2. With these tools i noticed that something breaks the domain on load on the first 4 seconds. Analyzing the code and DB, there was a problem with some stats, and optimized that.

3. I toke all my 4 .js files and compiled them into one so it loads only one .js instead of 4.

4. I added expire headers in .htaccess :

<ifmodule mod_expires.c>
<filesmatch "\.(ico|jpg|jpeg|png|gif|js|css|swf)$">
ExpiresActive on
ExpiresDefault "access plus 6 months"

5. I cleaned the code on the first page with conditional functions to load only what i need for the first page.

I started to read good resource like:


6. I ran a diagnostic with cpanel/whm on Apache and it increased the memory to 64 mega.

7. DB Optimization and repair.

= Epic Win!

I still have things to do, but for now the site loads much faster.

Hope it helps
Thanks idragon :D

I am sure that will help others that come looking to do some optimizing as well!