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  1. idragon

    idragon New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I am the owner of the VS3 package here at knownhost and i am looking for tips on how to optimize my vps to improve the speed of my main site.

    I host several sites on this host, but they have low traffic each, probably 10-40 and some of them are html only, no DB.

    My main site is a games portal that has around 2000 UV per day, and i need to improve the speed, now is decent but i need more speed:

    Info on the site:

    MMORPG Center

    - Created on Word press engine
    - Site is dynamic, all query from DB, it has some popular scripts which counts the visits for each post, for queries.
    - it requires heavy js on some pages.

    What i did so far:

    - subdomains for different types of content around 3, static(images), video and js, and so on.
    - optimize the js loads for each page.
    - running a PHP thumbnailer for thumbs, it creates a cache version on first load and loads the cache from the server on second load
    PHP Thumbnailer from Gen X Design
    - optimized parts of the word press engine for faster load
    - i tried to use w3cache but overall it doesnt work good, since google starts to index cache pages, it has problems with some of the things i did to the site, and it uses a lot of sources when it generates the cache.
    - optimize the DB from time to time.

    Overall i think i will have to improve the speed, optimized the DB, since everything is dynamic. Unfortunately i only know only basic things on server, how to run them, and a few tweaks there and here.

    If you have any hints and tips, let me know, thanks
  2. idragon

    idragon New Member

    After writing the post above i went to work for 12 hours, and i reduced my site speed from 12 secs to 4-5 secs:)

    In the end if you want to do something just research, debug:)

    Now i am happy:D
  3. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Very nicely done idragon!

    Perhaps you could share with us some of what you did?
  4. idragon

    idragon New Member

    1. I installed YSlow plugin in firefox and page speed plugin. I started to analyze what are the objects, files that breaks my domain speed,. To view a detailed progress when loading refresh the page while having the yslow open with tabs (Net > All )

    2. With these tools i noticed that something breaks the domain on load on the first 4 seconds. Analyzing the code and DB, there was a problem with some stats, and optimized that.

    3. I toke all my 4 .js files and compiled them into one so it loads only one .js instead of 4.

    4. I added expire headers in .htaccess :

    <ifmodule mod_expires.c>
    <filesmatch "\.(ico|jpg|jpeg|png|gif|js|css|swf)$">
    ExpiresActive on
    ExpiresDefault "access plus 6 months"

    5. I cleaned the code on the first page with conditional functions to load only what i need for the first page.

    I started to read good resource like:


    6. I ran a diagnostic with cpanel/whm on Apache and it increased the memory to 64 mega.

    7. DB Optimization and repair.

    = Epic Win!

    I still have things to do, but for now the site loads much faster.

    Hope it helps
  5. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Thanks idragon :D

    I am sure that will help others that come looking to do some optimizing as well!

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