VPS XLtx Plan




I`m considering the VPS XLtx plan but I am unsure whether it will be enough for our needs.

I currently have hosted on a reseller plan:

One low traffic IPB forum (5-15 members online at once max)
One low traffic Vbulletin forum (5-25 members online at once max)
Eight to ten low volume static xhtml/css based websites.

The reseller plan has been fine, however I am looking at a vps because I would the extra level of customization it allows. Ie, can install modules and other goodies without too much concern for others on a shared server.

For the VPS XLtx I would require whm/cpanel. I heard that is quite a hog, so would I need a larger plan?


Thanks for your interest in KnownHost. The VPS XLtx should work well for your needs listed above. If you would need to upgrade it may be the memory which you can add a la carte rather then upgrading then entire plan. We have much larger forums (bigger then both of yours combined) running well on that VPS plan. Hope to see you signup.