VPS XL for 1 site...



I have a site hosted at hostingzoom on their failover that keeps giving me 500 errors and premature header erros when I run my search engine and other scripts on the site.

I was wondering if the VPS XL would be good for me. I plan to be having 2-4K visotrs a day hitting this site and most of the files are php scripts calling WSDL files from an external server.

The WSDL db on the other server has about 20K results so a common search and some regular calls would give me this error nonstop andI can't take it anymore.

The whole site is cached weekly except for the search engine and it seems 60-80% of the vistors use that.


Thanks for your interest in KnownHost. Based on your what you mentioned it is tough to say it will work as you expect but the nice thing is with a VPS you can easily upgrade if needed. We offer resources a la carte too which helps save money in many cases. Since your using cPanel we can take care of moving the site as well to help with the move. Any further questions let us know.