VPS with Direct Admin




I'm looking at getting a VPS now. I have used cPanel nearly my entire life, but now I'm looking at DirectAdmin because of the memory usage of cPanel. I rarely use cPanel and purchasing a higher plan just to run it would be nonsense.

So, how much ram does DirectAdmin use up on a standard install?
I'm looking at getting the VPS Ltx, but maybe the Mtx would work for me.
I'm more leaning toward the Ltx due to the free ram upgrade to 256mb.

Also, I've never used DirectAdmin, so transferring from cPanel to DA would require me to FTP the data correct? I'm really needing to keep chmod permissions as well, would this be an issue with the transfer?

Yet another question, do I need to worry about managing the server? I can do many things by myself, but what about watching the server? I don't have the time and ability to monitor the server to make sure it is online, do you automatically monitor the VPS to make sure everything is online and if not do you auto restart?

Hello David,

Thanks for your interest in KnownHost. DA uses around 80 MB of RAM inside a VPS. DA in general does use less resources which makes it quite popular. Migrating your accounts would need to be thru FTP as there is no way to automatically move cPanel accounts to DA. Your question on keeping your chmod permissions I personally am not sure on. I have asked a support member to let me know on this. I will post a reply when they let me know. Feel free to open a support ticket if you have other questions by simply emailing them. We have no problem answering questions before the sale (if you decide to order).

Regarding managing your server, we are a Semi-Managed VPS company which in most cases we cover all your needs. Just let us know if you need something installed and we can definitely help. We do monitor the physical server as you can see here. http://hyperspin.com/en/ranking.php?type=2 We take this very seriously. We don't watch your specific VPS for issues but if something would arise just let us know and we can help.

Not sure if you noticed this but we do have a special you may want to take advantage of. https://www.knownhost.com/specials.html

You will need to set the permissions once you migrate the site over. If you want we can help with this if you tell us what you want the permissions set as (once you move the data over).

Regarding my question about making sure my VPS is online...

What happens if my mail or dns goes down? Do you monitor those services?
Also, does DA automagically restart services like bind, proftp, apache,...

DA doesn't have the functionality cPanel does which allows you to have services restarted when they stop working for whatever reason.

We do not monitor mail, etc inside your VPS. If an issue arises we can definitely help but we don't proactively watch specific services inside your VPS. We don't have root logins to your VPS so it wouldn't be possible to restart things like that.

I would recommend sticking to cPanel if you require the advanced functionality for restarting services like apache, etc.

Look what I found at the DA website.

"Automatic Recovery From Crashes

DirectAdmin TaskQueue ensures that all services are up, all of the time. If something crashes, DirectAdmin will attempt to fix the problem by restarting the service. If this fails, DirectAdmin will notify the server administrator immediately. "

So, from what I see, that was the only thing preventing me from going with DA. I am soooooo happy to be able to get a different control panel that uses minimal resources. The only thing I'll need to do is convince one client to get away from Awstats and get Google Analytics. Shouldn't be a problem ;)

Thanks for the help. I'll be ordering by the 30th to get the November deal.