VPS w/ DirectAdmin


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Hello KH,

I am currently in a shared environment but i do have VPS knowledge so leaving Cpanel is no problem.

I have just a few sites, not massively high traffic, that i host and i'm wondering if VPS M would work with DirectAdmin. VPS L doesn't look bad with the current special though.

Also, how hard is it to install Directadmin?

Thanks for the help!

Yes, many do use the VPS M with Directadmin but with any control panel we always recommend the VPS L or larger. We take care of installing the control panel. Also by default we optimize and secure each VPS. Hope this helps.

Yes we have many clients running Teamspeak or Shoutcast for example. Main thing with that would be bandwidth.

One last question...with a VPS L, Directadmin, what would be the monthly cost after the first month? I added the coupon but the monthly cost shows $35.00 after 1st month.

Thanks for all the help Joel!
For the VPS L it would be $29.75 starting your second month. The message you see you can safely ignore as we manually apply the 15% lifetime discount.