VPS Suspended - No Response - Been 12 hours now!


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Been a member of Knownhost for over 5 years now.

Unfortunately, one of my website was related to WhatsApp - and it was suspended as it was a trademarked domain name.

This happened for the first time.

We didn't work on the website anymore. So that's alright.

However, today the entire VPS was suspended. All my 10+ sites are gone. And I received this email:



Your VPS has been suspended as you failed to address the concerns expressed herein nor have you provided a response to this abuse case. The suspension will remain intact until we hear back from you with your intentions to resolve this case.


I can't help but post here as I haven't received any response yet - usually I get a response in under 30 minutes. Now I am really worried what's going on.

VPS went down, according to email, 12 hours ago. I responded as soon as I woke up at 8 AM.


Update: Support team responded saying the Abuse department will handle the issue. They work from 9am to 5pm, in case anyone is wondering.

Now we have to wait further for an update.

I've lifted the suspension on your VPS. Please take care of the issues detailed in the abuse ticket as soon as possible.

Unfortunately for the type of issue detailed in the abuse ticket we don't have a lot of lee-way so to speak so when we don't hear back from you we have to take what seems like drastic measures that are good for no one.

I'm sure you'll take care of this promptly and all will be well :) Sorry for the suspension.
Thanks a lot! You know my heart was in my mouth... as we lost a day's revenue.

And I never thought it would happen to us.

I always trust KnownHost to take the right step - but this step... killed me! :eek: :eek::eek::D

Glad everything is now alright. I have replied to your email, Jonathan.

Let's fix this!

Thanks again!