VPS special - promotion


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So I noticed that KnownHost is running the following special on vps servers:

VPS Hosting:
Until August 15, get 50% off your first two months followed by a 10% lifetime discount on any VPS Plan.** Please use the coupon code "KHsummer" when placing your order.

Not that 10% off is a lot, but it figures that I signed up a couple of months ago with a similar promotion only it didn't include 10% = bummer for me. And I'm not sure if that includes any addons in the future or upgrades to a bigger package.

I am content with the package I have for the time being, as I'm mostly just playing around with different scripts and things, but it would have been nice to get 10% off while I'm here, especially if it does include upgrades and addons at 10% off too.

I've only been here like 2 months I just received my 3rd automated bill last night. I am very pleased with the uptime and network speed. A little slow late at night, which I assume is due to backups running. Other than that I've had no issues, and no need to contact support, as everything works and works well.