VPS Spec



I need a managed vps with at least the following software spec

PHP 5.2+, Mysql 5.0+, cURL, properly installed SourceGuardian loaders for the new SG.

the main item I'm reffering to is the Source Guardian can this be installed for me?

Would I have to pay anything extra for any of the above?

I think I already know the answer, but just want to make sure.

Thanks in advance.

I take it sales are too busy, or are on holiday or?

Sorry as we must have overlooked your forum post. As long as you order cPanel, Plesk, or Directadmin we install 3rd party applications free of charge. So everything you listed we will install per reequest at no cost. Hope this answers your questions. Have a nice weekend.


thanks for the reply,

I have rented a VPS from a different company before, thinking it would be like a shared server, wow was I surprised to find it is nothing like that. I managed to work out everything in the end though.

The only thing I'm still not sure about is having 2 ip addresses as required for the DNS I think.
I had my site on one ip add, but was not sure what I could do with the second.?

Also maybe it was the company I was renting from, I had no idea of how to setup another domain.

I notice you have a lot of help docs for your service which is good.
You can use the 2 IP's for SSL's if you'd like. You do get custom nameservers but this doesn't effect you being able to use the 2 IP's for sites as you need. Our Support team can assist with this if you decide to signup.


I will be buying in the next few days, thanks for the reassurance.