VPS slices, how and why?


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Beyond the survey of competing offers and required margins, what is/was your reasoning behind the different levels of VPS offered? I have looked at quite a few different hosts and have narrowed the list down to include Knownhost.

Basically, I see no correlation in offerings and presumed performance. While performance depends greatly on the particular workings of a site, it would seem there should/would be similar ratios of disc space to memory to CPU.

Thanks for any response.

Correction to question

My question comes from the point of view of not knowing what my needs are. Some posts on the Internet suggest that having 1GB of RAM is simply not enough on a managed platform, your site suggests that 1GB might be okay.

Here is what I am at:

I currently have a reseller account at Hostgator, been there about five years with basically a static account hosting sites of friends and family, but having one retail store account. The store is moving to e-commerce and I am developing a site based upon Open Cart. Now we are talking about using resources and page load times matter. In the course of laying out the site we decided upon having a flexible design which impacts my hosting in the sense that I need mod-Apache to get gzip compression since the design required broad use of .png files due to their transparent background. So, that sends me to you, because HG does not give me what I suppose is enough RAM at the sub-50 dollar price point.

So I am just tried to get you to affirm my point of view, or to explain your point of view given what you assert are sale points.