VPS Server Questions


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1. I've looked all over this site and can't find any info on your Servers?
For VPS what are your Server Specs?
I understand we get an equal share of CPU correct?
What I would like to know is the CPU, is it 1.5ghz, 2.4ghz etc.?
And what type of RAM are you using on the server?

2. Support only through ticket system?
No phone or Live Chat Support?
Do you post response times to tickets?

3. Is there an installation charge for the WHMCS? How much?

4. SSL certificates? How much? and What type? and Installation charge?

5. Zend Optimizer and IonCube Pre-Installed?

6. Do you provide Chat Support? Hours? 24/7?

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1. The server information was available on the old KH Website but isn't here in the new one, All Servers are Dual Opteron and on my VPS it shows AMD, Dual-Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 2214 HE
The CPU is shared among the VPSs on server and according to TOS a VPS cannot use more then 25% of CPU usage for over 90 Seconds (Normally this limit isn't crossed), if it did contineously and you din't take action to prevent it, your account may be terminated.
I don't know about the RAM.

2. The support is only through Ticketing system, but is very fast usually you within 5 minutes but it hasn't excede 15 minute for me.

3. Nops just pay the license fee and it will be installed free of charge.

  • WHMCS license: $5/month
4. KH Doesn't offer SSL Certificates, but you can buy it and have KH installed, free of charge.

5. Zend Optimizer/IonCube can be requested to install, free of charge.

6. Support is only through Ticketing system 24/7.


We use a mix of servers but the newer ones are Dual CPU Quad Core Opteron 2350, RAID 10, 16-32 GB of DDR RAM, all custom built of course.

The longest wait time I've had between ticket responses thus-far has been 38 minutes and I'm assuming that was because they actually looked into the matter before responding. Whereas most companies will respond asking an un-related question to make their response times appear to be quicker. On average though, the response time is between 5-15mins for me...

KnownHost may not have a live support chat but they're level of support via the ticket system certainly makes up for it at surpassed my expectations. I believe you will be more than happy with the level of support they provide. The best part is the fact that they:

  1. Actually read you're ticket and respond accordingly
  2. Don't ask you unrelated questions
  3. On average, respond withing 5-15 minutes
  4. Respond in clear and fluent English with proper grammar, punctuation, and capitalization

- Devon
It's a shame potential customers cannot actually experience the level of customer service we receive from KnownHost. There would certainly be a lot more new customer sign-ups, that is certain.
All we have to do is keep talking about how wonderful it is. The more experiences there are, it should provide convincing evidence of their excellent support staff.