VPS RAM questions now


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So I have been overtaken by a new, previously unconsidered idea to maybe try VPS instead of yet another package of shared hosting. My first thought was - but of course, VPS > shared hosting, only $20, what's the dilemma. But then someone on webhosting talk pointed out that low end VPS isn't always better than shared and you may get more RAM available on some shared hosts. RAM? Argh, I have no idea how much RAM we spend currently. So now I'm worried about this idea again.

I've been considering your VPS M plan, and our site fits into it perfectly as far as disk space and bandwidth are concerned, however I have no idea if 128MB-512MB RAM is too little or too much for us.

Maybe you can approximately figure it out from the extra info I'm about to give you and give me some recommendations.

What we have is a mambo site with an smf forum. We have around 1000 registered members, although most of them don't post. Average users online at one time is around 15-20 users. Most ever was 260 (no idea what happened there). We spend on average around 20 gig bandwidth a month, and currently take up around 1.5gb disk space. Our database is around 150mb right now. Apart from the mambo site and the smf forum, we also have a flashchat and a wimpy mp3 streamer. The chat is rarely used, but I assume, when it's used it may make some difference on resource consumption. No idea how much though.

According to our stats, on average we get around 25,000 hits per day, and around 1500 unique visitors per day (I imagine most of them bots).

I don't know if this means anything to you (or if it's even okay to mention to be honest) but we are currently on shared hosting with ace-host.net. We've never had any problems with them as far as our resource consumption is concerned, but some other issues on their side have piled up and I feel it's time to move.

So, to round it all up. Given all the info here, would it be possible for you to you perhaps estimate if the RAM amount on the VPS M plan would be enough for us?
From reading your current usage, etc. I would say the VPS L would be your best option. It should work well for you and with the promotion you can pay under $20/mo for the first two months. As your site grows you will need to do this anyway and being inside a VPS you can upgrade easily as you grow and have no downtime. Overall, it is your best option as shared hosting won't cut it in time.

Not a problem. You can always start with the VPS M then upgrade but to be on the safe side the VPS L we recommend.