VPS Question


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I currently have a shared hosting account on another host. I would like to purchase a VPS with Cpanel/WHM but not transfer my site over right away.

I noticed that in the FAQ, it stated that I had to own a domain name in order to purchase a hosting package. Is that only for shared hosting, or does it imply VPS's as well?

I am new to VPS's, but I was under the impression that I could connect to it through IP until I pointed my domain to it. Since I will be learning as I go, I wanted to make sure and secure everything and get a feel for managing a server before I transferred my site over. Not to mention I wanted to mirror all my files so as not to have any downtime in the transition.

Is this possible?


Thanks for your interest in KnownHost. You select option 3 while ordering which means you have a domain and will just point the nameservers to it later. You definitely don't need to purchase a domain and until you actually modify the DNS it won't be pointing to your VPS. There is a function in cPanel which will allow you (or us) to migrate your data and you can simply use the site preview function which isn't live. You can do all this before making the permanent switch at your domain registrar. The only downtime is while the DNS propogates around the world which varies around the world. I hope this answers your questions.