VPS Presales question or two



Hi, found my way here from wht, your vps offerings look quite nice. Question, is the below reasonable to ask you to set up on a new account? I pulled the requirements based on the apps I want to run. Webmin is fine, I would not use a cp much unless it is needed to get phpmyadmin/phppgadmin. I know that this a lot to ask, if it is too much, which items would you be able to install? Is gcc included in the base setup? After a while, I would probably want to compile up my own additions. thanks!

Darrow Cole

>>>APACHE 1 (version 1.3.27 or higher)

>>>MYSQL 4 (not mysql 5)


-PHP 4 (cache) (version 4.1.x or higher) (not 4.3.7, not php 5)
-GD library
-XML support needs to be enabled
-EXIF support (--enable-exif)

>>>PERL 5

>>>DBI, DBD DBD-PG for perl

>>>PostgreSQL 7.1+




This is doable however I would advice to go with cPanel instead of Webmin unless you have general Linux knowledge and can operate with individual service configuration files. With cPanel pretty much all of this can be installed in just a couple clicks and then kept updated almost automatically. With Webmin VPS most of these components will need to be compiled from source and, as such, you'll have to keep an eye open on fresh security advisories and recompile things if new update comes out
As for gcc - yes, compilers and development libraries are installed in every VPS we provision

Thanks for the quick response, Paul. I added cpanel/fantastico per your sugesstion and placed an order!

Darrow Cole