VPS out of the box and domain management


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I don't have experiance with VPS. I have a project that I want to start with VPS.
Can I start using VPS out of the box.
Do I need administrator for VPS on a long run?
I plan to take cPanel. I will use simple CMS ih PHP 5 with MySQL 5. I don't plan to install any extra things.

Which PHP version you install?

I would like to keep name servers at GoDaddy in order to avoid dns refresh and be flexible.
How I manage domain in that case?
Do you recommend to change name servers to your servers.

Do you support ioncube? I don't know does ioncube usage is different on shared hosting and VPS? That is for another project and it is not so important at the moment.

Thank you in advance.

Hello Dex,

Thanks for your interest in KnownHost. As long as you order a control panel such as cPanel we are your system admin team when you need us. We by default (prior to you receiving your welcome email) optimize and secure your VPS and will do more if requested per your specific needs. For example some need their VPS to be PCI Compliant which is something we also will do for our customers. You do not need an admin for your server as we are here to help you 24/7.

cPanel comes installed by default with MySQL 5 and PHP 5 so that's not a problem for your CMS.

You can simply register the custom nameservers (ns1.yourdomain.com and ns2.yourdomain.com) we give you at Godaddy. You just register the new nameservers under the main domain and assign unique IP's we give you to each of those nameservers. If you have issues with this just let us know as we have thousands and thousands of customers doing this exact thing already with Godaddy and other domain registrars.

Ioncube we can definitely install upon request as well. Hope to see you signup.