vps- optimized? need more resource? yeah.


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It's the AWS era and RAM is cheap as SSD it's too.

"I have stated that my VPS never was optimized in the provisioning." It doesn't matter as it already "suck" in a beatifull way. I said that after years of being with KH... I never have a "recommendation" or advice as part of their "managed" "optimization" services... I mean... Iam not asking you take care of my VPS .... oh no... (what #managed service mean). yes I know.. but they didn't even bother to email me?

Last email I got was a cryptic one saying a "misteriosa" DDOS-protection on L3 that will keep away all "bad-packets"... aka "malditos" AWAY.

Recently they said to me when I asked about "optimization"... (we all know knownhost VPS's resources are too low and they says do optimization upon provisioning :D jaja.):
Cpanel installer compiles everything from source and installs it. It also installs configuration file for all services which is optimised for most of the uses. But depends up on the web site you are running you might require performance tuning.

Anyway... long history short. RocketVPS merge + same old hardware + poor resource (VPS) - (bad sign)

Just to compare. KH 10GB HDD - U$11.66
x OVS 50Gb (SDD) U$7 in VPS ... that is a huge difference.

Common KH, it's time for you to upgrade - for real.