VPS newbie questions


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Bare with me, I'm a total dunce when it comes to VPS, I want to switch over but I'm totally green, I've been using shared hosting with cpanel and filezilla my entire life, so this is a big leap. So my questions are;

1) is it possible to have VPS without cpanel ?
2) if the 1. questions is YES, how do you manage without GUI? It seems like quite a task, something that needs to be left (pay) for experts to do, correct?
3) if I purchase SSD-1 VPS, can I register 2 domains (mysite1.com and mysite2.com) on that VPS?
4) is it advisable to host videos on VPS? My case is following: website made for customers/product users only, with help videos on site. The problem I see with it is bandwidth. If my customers want to watch the video, they should be able to see low quality version if they watch it from their mobiles, to save bandwidth...is such thing possible?

There will be probably more questions later :)


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Thanks for your interest in KnownHost.

1) Sure, though at this point the VPS will be considered unmanaged.
2) See #1. It would have to be managed via the command line. This is only recommended for experienced system administrators.
3) Sure.
4) Sure. Any sort of differentiation in quality for mobile devices is something that would be controlled in your website's code, not the server itself.

Bring on more questions :)


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Thank you so much for the quick reply!

My next question would be cpanel :) to be honest I'm not nowhere near able to manage VPS myself without some sort of GUI...would I be able to install cpanel on your VPS hosting?


A few years ago I was in your same spot. Had a number of accounts that I hosted on Shared Hosting that was a constant pain. I made the leap over to KnownHost VPS2 with cPanel. KH even imported all my accounts. VPS utilizing cPanel was the way to go for me. In short order I was pretty much able to manage most everything I needed. What was beyond me, KnownHost’s Support Team was always there at the ready to assist in ironing out the problem. Support and Service is superb with KH and I should know as I have been through many providers but have found a home with KH who I have now been with for approximately 5 years. Make the leap and you will never regret it. KH has taken away all the gut wrenching problems I had in the past and learning to navigate it becomes ole hat in short order.


4) is it advisable to host videos on VPS? My case is following: website made for customers/product users only, with help videos on site.

An alternative which would help with bandwidth is to use Amazon Web Services S3 (Simple Storage Service) to store the videos, and stream them from there, if your tight on bandwidth. Amazon Web Services reliability is awesome, and the prices reasonable, in my opinion.