VPS need more RAM - yes that cheap ram


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Why do VPS are so low in resource? I've been with KH for ages! as a matter of fact.

You changed your cpu description (equal share) to hide/confuse. haha!.
RAM - did you realize it's way too cheap now? why dont have 3Gbmin?
HDD? -- uhmm.. it's way too cheaper too.

In a 5-7 years Ive seen your upgrade have been very poorly, I remember one time "256mb"... kind of recently. Getting more resources is expensive with you. Managed? nowdays it's the rule. RocketVPS, any?

Just to compare: U$38 (from OVH, that I'm considering).
- 2-3 cores (instead of "equal share")
- cpu 3.1Ghz
- SSD - 100Gb
- 4Gb RAM
- centOS/cPanel
- U$38 / mo

Kind regards,
a very old customer. Dissapointed.