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Hi I'm very interested in your VPS XL package, but am concerned about my nameservers: I host over 100 co.za domains and my nameservers are ns1.domain.co.za and ns1.domain.co.za

How will I go about moving these accounts over, considering the archaic ticketing system required to update nameservers for co.za domains?

(Submit ticket for update/respond with voting ticket/wait 24 hours for voting to complete/then update is processed, followed by DNS propagation).

For at least 5 of these domains, it is essential that no downtime occurs)

Is it possible to lower TTL on my current whm, then "forward" each domain to new nameservers here? (You can probably tell that I don't know enough about this? :) )

Do you have access to DNS zones for your domains on the current system? If so, you can try to:
1. Reduce TTL in domain's DNS zones;
2. Wait couple days to make sure that dns cache will refresh everywhere;
3. Copy domains content;
4. Change all "A" records to point to the IP address of your new system;
5. Change nameservers registration information.

This way you can reduce downtime associated with DNS propagation but you should have permissions to edit DNS zone configuration / DNS records on the source system.

3. Copy domains content;

THis is gonna sound like a dumb question.. but ive gotta ask it cause i dont know :p

How do i upload my content and configure a database before i change the namerservers ?

I understand i can use my Main I.P http://with /~mydomain and view my index.. but how do i actually upload my site before the name server change ? and how do i get access to the Cpanel in order to upload and configure my database ?

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