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Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by Eric, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. Eric

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    I currently have a VPS with another host that uses Web Host Manager/Cpanel. I have about 25 client domains (mostly Wordpress sites) and some have CNAMES enabled and some have MX records pointing to outside mail servers (i.e. Exchange). Would there be any issues with migrating the domains to your SSD-5 VPS that you can foresee? And would all the POP accounts and email forwards set for each domain also remain intact?

    I know you don't have phone support but what if my Internet goes down for a while and I have clients calling that their site is down? If my Internet is down, I cannot submit a support ticket. Do you have a suggested solution for that scenario?

  2. KH-DanielP

    KH-DanielP KH-COO Staff Member


    Thanks for considering us for your hosting needs. As long as you are using cPanel, we can use the cPanel account migration tool to move your sites across. This will preserve all of the settings including the external mail servers. However, it is always a good idea to manually verify things just incase.

    I'm afraid that since we only have web and email based support, you would at minimum need access to email. If you have your registered email setup on your mobile phone you would be able to email directly in to get support.
  3. phpAddict

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    Just to add to Daniel's response. WHM/Cpanel are well programmed for migrations such as yours. As long as you don't have any custom programming affecting how WHM/Cpanel functions and the versions are the same you should see little to no issues with your migration, but just as Daniel said you should thoroughly check before changing your nameservers/point your domains to the new server.

    If you have a day where both your VPS goes down, your internet goes down, and you can't access KH support via a mobile device, check to make sure Armageddon hasn't begun. :p A highly unlikely scenario, but KH monitors VPS's so when the whole server goes down they'll usually be on top of it, often before you even realize that it's down.
  4. Eric

    Eric New Member

    Thanks for the additional info. I guess I can use each client's cPanel to copy any MX Records and CNAMES just to be sure.

    BTW- do you know what KH's Armageddon mitigation strategy is? :)
  5. phpAddict

    phpAddict Active Member

    Probably the same as mine: Run around in circles shouting "What do we do?!!" lol
  6. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Here's my plan:

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