VPS may be open relay ?


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I'm a bit concerned a VPS server I help to manage may act as an open mail relay.

Using this site http://www.checkor.com/ the server fails a few of the tests.

Curious if anyone using a KH VPS has ran into problems, being accused of spamming etc due to open relaying. To my knowledge, we have an "out of the box" mail config, running Courier and Exim

As much as I hate spam, I'd hate even more to think I'm contributing to it.. but, I'd also hate to waste several hours and potentially lose valid email chasing down a problem that doesn't exist, so any advice in this matter would be greatly appreciated.


PS, I did find this thread
but I don't think that's the case with tests from checkor.com
Hello Dewed,

cPanel servers are by default configured to not relay. What you might be seeing is additional tests that would actually be blocked by spam software such as ASSP or Spamassassin.