VPS M - Very nice sales personnel !

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I just completed a phone call with one of your sales personnel.
She was great, very friendly and more than willing to help.

We ended on a very positve note and I am sure we will be a new
customer first of next week. There are 2 questions that came up
that needed answers. So that is why I've stopped by here :)

One of the server feature we will use a lot is MySql.
We will need to be able to import using XML format of
10,000 to 12,000 records at a time. Are there any limits
on the MySql data imports?

These are all verified customers that shop with us and have
asked to receive sales specials.

The other question is in regards to being able to email those customers
we have in our data bases. Does the VPS M have any limits we
need to know about concerning the amount or volume of email
that can be sent in a certian period of time?

Please tell Ms "J" in sales thanks for such a great phone chat
she was VERY helpful! (name not used to protect the innocent) :)

MySQL cannot directly import data from XML, you could use a scripting language like Ruby to parse the XML and insert the data or maybe you meant SQL. With virtual private servers resources are alloted per account, so long as your account can handle it you've got nothing to worry about. Hope it helps. :)

This is exactly correct - with VPS you're limited only by available resources. Everything else like max # of mysql connections, max number of mail server processes to be running, etc can be configured / adjusted by you at any time in the way you need it.

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