VPS LAMP Version numbers?




What are the Linux/ Apache/ MySQL /PHP version numbers on a standard VPS (eg VPS XL Plan) install?

(MySQL 4+ and PHP 5 are important to some of the apps I want to run)

And do you do any security lockdown of a new VPS upon enabling it, or alternatively would you help out a new customer in configuring their new VPS securely prior to use - eg by supporting/installing stuff like APF firewall

and maybe some of the other RFX security tools like BFD (Brute Force Detection)

BTW: I like it very much that your AUP prohibits porn, warez etc.

I trust this is really the case, and not just something you say.

It is a real positive feature to me. I don't want to have my sites appear to the search engines to be coming from a 'bad neighbourhood'.

Thanks for any info you can supply.
Hi Samuel,

Thanks for your interest in KnownHost. I have answered your questions below. Please let us know how we can be of any further assistance.

1. With Cpanel VPS's we use Apache 1.3, PHP 4 or 5, and MySQL 4x. A lot of the components are what is shipped with the control panel from the software vendor. For the Plesk control panel it is slighly different then Cpanel as they use older components. Regardless, we will help you get things setup. For your needs I would go with Cpanel.

2. ALL VPS's come with APF support which we can do for you with no problem. Just email support@knownhost.com once you order and they will do things upon your request. Regarding RFX security tools we for sure can install this for you as long as it will work okay with our VPS product line. I see no problem but support can address this for you.

We take security very serious and want to protect the integrity of our services so things like Warez, adult content, etc are not acceptable. So you will be at a safe home with a good reputation. :)



I apologize for leaving out the Linux version we use. We use CentOS 4.3 on all VPS's currently. This is the same as Redhat 4x which is based on the 2.6 kernel. Hope this helps.


Since the info is almost 2 years old, can you refresh it now.
I am mostly interested with PHP and MySQL versions.

Which control panel are you interested in using? We currently use CentOS 5 but the rest depend on the control panel. By default cPanel comes with Apache 2, PHP 4, and MySQL 4x. Both PHP and MySQL can be upgraded to 5x upon request. Plesk uses Apache 2x, PHP 5x, and MySQL 5x. Directadmin uses Apache 1.3x by default, PHP 4x, and MySQL 4x. Both Apache and MySQL can be upgraded to Apache 2x and MySQL 5x however.