VPS L ca

I have a site that has an average of 30,000 pageviews monthly. It is just a wordpress blog. Would a VPS L plan be sufficient for my requirement? I'm expecting to gain more pageviews eventually, maybe up to 50,000 monthly at the end of the year :)

and by the way, does this coupon still apply:

To save 75% on your first month and get a 15% lifetime rebate, use KnownHost coupon code KHtwoYR. This is valid for monthly subscriptions only and it is not valid for the ”VPS M” plan.

VPS M ca

Thanks tristan. Would that mean that "VPS M ca" would be fine for my site too?

I have a low budget and i was hoping to get that coupon. But since it's already expired, maybe I would opt for VPS M instead. My budget is $30 including cpanel & fantastico. Too bad that coupon is already expired :( That could have let me opt for VPS L. Do you have an idea when will there be such similar promo again? :D

Just to start, i'm still on the right path if I go for "VPS M ca" with my only 30k pageviews... am i right? :confused:

What are my risks of just having 128mb ram on my VPS? Would that cause a problem eventually considering that i'm expecting to have 30k to 50k pageviews only?
The medium may be a bit too small, mainly because of the 128 Mb RAM. Running cPanel will take up around 64 - 128 Mb by itself, let alone everything else that's running.

Although if you really want a VPS, and your budget is only around $30, then you could may do:

VPS M ca - $20
cPanel - $7
Fantastico - $1
+64 MB - $5

That'd come to $33 per month, and having 192 Mb of RAM might well be enough (although if you need more, you can always upgrade al a carte, if your budget ever rises :))

It does also depend on what forum software you use - I'm currently using SMF, hence I can't speak for what other forum softwares will do regarding resource usage. Although as an example, I'm currently using up 206 Mb of RAM/memory, and I'd probably get 80k page views daily. So 192 Mb might well be enough :)

And I'm sorry although I don't know when another promo may be available - KnownHost do offer new ones most months, although you can never know in advance what each one will offer :)
Do you have an idea when will there be such similar promo again? :D
Hard to say but I do remember reading that such a offer will not be offered again in the near future. However, as others have suggested, submit a ticket to sales and they might be able to assist ;)

I would definitely opt for a VPS L for your needs.