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I have a site that has an average of 30,000 pageviews monthly. It is just a wordpress blog. Would a VPS L plan be sufficient for my requirement? I'm expecting to gain more pageviews eventually, maybe up to 50,000 monthly at the end of the year :)

and by the way, does this coupon still apply:

To save 75% on your first month and get a 15% lifetime rebate, use KnownHost coupon code KHtwoYR. This is valid for monthly subscriptions only and it is not valid for the ”VPS M” plan.

30k page views per month should be fine for the VPS L plan. I'm currently getting 2 million page views per month (on a PHP/MySQL intensive forums) and am running fine on the VPS XL package (but with 448 Mb RAM) :)

Also I doubt that coupon works, as the latest coupon/special is at:

VPS M ca

Thanks tristan. Would that mean that "VPS M ca" would be fine for my site too?

I have a low budget and i was hoping to get that coupon. But since it's already expired, maybe I would opt for VPS M instead. My budget is $30 including cpanel & fantastico. Too bad that coupon is already expired :( That could have let me opt for VPS L. Do you have an idea when will there be such similar promo again? :D

Just to start, i'm still on the right path if I go for "VPS M ca" with my only 30k pageviews... am i right? :confused:

What are my risks of just having 128mb ram on my VPS? Would that cause a problem eventually considering that i'm expecting to have 30k to 50k pageviews only?
The medium may be a bit too small, mainly because of the 128 Mb RAM. Running cPanel will take up around 64 - 128 Mb by itself, let alone everything else that's running.

Although if you really want a VPS, and your budget is only around $30, then you could may do:

VPS M ca - $20
cPanel - $7
Fantastico - $1
+64 MB - $5

That'd come to $33 per month, and having 192 Mb of RAM might well be enough (although if you need more, you can always upgrade al a carte, if your budget ever rises :))

It does also depend on what forum software you use - I'm currently using SMF, hence I can't speak for what other forum softwares will do regarding resource usage. Although as an example, I'm currently using up 206 Mb of RAM/memory, and I'd probably get 80k page views daily. So 192 Mb might well be enough :)

And I'm sorry although I don't know when another promo may be available - KnownHost do offer new ones most months, although you can never know in advance what each one will offer :)
Do you have an idea when will there be such similar promo again? :D

Hard to say but I do remember reading that such a offer will not be offered again in the near future. However, as others have suggested, submit a ticket to sales and they might be able to assist ;)

I would definitely opt for a VPS L for your needs.