VPS Hosting vs Basic Cloud Hosting vs Basic NVMe


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So I already have a MVPS-1 server but I'm looking at improving my website's speed, mainly the Initial Connection and TTFB.

If I upgrade to the Basic Cloud Hosting (2 vCPU Cores 4 GB Guaranteed RAM) or Basic NVMe will I see an actual speed increase?

I am using my MVPS-1 in LEMP at the moment with opcache.

My sites are both static and dynamic.

Hi @mikelala

Thanks for reaching out to us. So the answer to that question is going to be a bit yes/no/maybe.

So both our Cloud product line and our NVMe product line are slightly beefier than our workhorse MVPS line.

Since your using LEMP and opcache you are already off to a great start, so the real question is to determine where the TTFB is coming from. It can be dns, connection latency, java script processing, or even mysql and php background processing.

A quick test is to load a plain hello world html page on your server, and run ttfb tests against that. If that is quick (as it should be) then you can dig into the application layer. If it is php or MySQL slowing down your ttfb then something like NVMe would absolutely help, the latency, response times and capacity of NVMe are insane.

Cloud will also give you a decent uplift, but maybe not quite as much as NVMe only because while the distributed storage back end is has quite the performance, it's key feature is redundancy. So faster than MVPS by a bit, and slightly beefier CPU's but nothing like the NVMe line.

Hope this helps! Feel free to drop into our discord if you want to chat live about this: https://www.knownhost.com/Discord
I have a followup within the same thread as the original post title, but slightly different question. I currently have an MVPS-3 (SSD) and do NOT have a LEMP stack, just straight Apache 2, with gzip and a few other more normal improvements. cPanel on the MVPS-3 is now running EOL versions of PHP and MySQL. I'm considering migrating to one of the NORMAL package plans: VPS, NVMe, or Cloud. I can read the server specs of course, and see that NVMe has less storage and one less CPU process, but makes up for that by better storage throughput. Is there any sort of Performance Comparison for the three VPS types that we could be pointed to? Are there any GeekBench scores? How else to get a feel for how to go. I've got about 30 sites, half of them WordPress, but a couple of high resource usage perl scripts. Note that I'm also (finally) leaning in the direction of LiteSpeed Web Host Lite. I'm happy to open a new thread, but the core question is the same, regarding performance for VPS vs Cloud VPS vs NVMe VPS.
Howdy @netmansam

So we don't use anything like GB scores, but I can give you a general summary between them.

Our Standard VPS product line built on OpenVZ is the work horse. It's got a good mix between CPU, Ram and Disk and has your typical mid-range server grade processors. Slightly lower Mhz per core but a higher core density.

Our Cloud product line has a similar performance curve to our VPS line, slightly beefier CPU's, but there are three main differences. Cloud is KVM based, giving you your own kernel per virtual server, it runs on a distributed storage architecture, (Storpool) so it does have slightly better performance on the underlying storage, but having distributed storage also adds a high level of redundancy. With Cloud, since the data is separate from the compute node, in the event of a full compute node HW disaster, recovery time is drastically reduced as well.

Finally the HF NVMe is pretty much just that, extremely fast single core performance CPU's coupled with local storage NVMe drives using OpenVZ for the lowest possible performance overhead, giving you as close to bare metal performance as one can get.

So in closing, the VPS/Cloud product line will perform very similar to each other, but have various benefits depending on your needs, and the HF NVMe package line will offer higher performance than either of those. The NVMe also has slightly less per package simply because of how expensive the equipment is vs how few customers can be placed on each machine comfortably.

Hope this helps ya out a bit!

Any more questions thou, do let me know.
Thank you

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Also curious to know if anyone has run any benchmarks to compare the VPS, NVMe VPS and Cloud plans.

Trying to decide if it's worth making the jump from normal managed VPS to managed NVME VPS. Primary use is for wordpress and forums.