VPS CPU Changes


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I noticed yesterday (I was not notified of the change) that VPS plans have changed from #x priority CPU to equal share . I originally bought plans based on the CPU priority allocated as an 'as and when' required, if at all basis, it was basically an insurance for me.
Am I correct in thinking that having a bigger plan is of no benefit now if CPU is equal share as I'm nowhere near using other resources like RAM, Disk Space or Bandwidth?

The Plans still have the same underlying priority however since we keep our nodes from hitting 100% utilization it never kicks in, so effectively the plans are equal share.

We work to ensure there is always available resources for expansion on each node. Larger plans still carry that benefit though in the rare scenario.
Thanks Daniel.

Just for clarification. If a website was easily within quotas (running smooth) say in a vps4, there would be no CPU benefit hosting that same website on a vps7 package?
The CPU benefit comes from any scenario where the node might reach 100% CPU utilization and thus have to enact the priority rules. We try to prevent this from happening but in rare cases it does indeed happen but we try to react fairly quickly.