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Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by Unregistered, Nov 1, 2007.

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    I currently run a shared reseller paln with another host provider and am seriously considering a move to one of your VPS solutions.

    I have about 40-45 different accounts (and domains) within the one reseller plan that relate to mainly static websites. I use approximately 800Mb of space and 5 Gb of bandwidth per month in total at the moment.

    I am wondering if the capacity of th VPS-M plan would cover these requirements - particularly the 128 Mb of RAM as I am not sure about this. The VPS-M spec will obviously cover my space and bandwidth requirements very well. Can you please advise!!

    Many Thanks
  2. KH-Joel

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    Thanks for your interest in KnownHost. I am going to assume you use cPanel/WHM currently and say I would start with the VPS L. The VPS M is a good entry level VPS but for 40-45 sites I would think the L is much safer. You can always start with the M then upgrade to the L as this results in no downtime. Hope this helps.

  3. ppc

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    Just to add-on to what Joel said. The VPS M plan will cut it really close as Cpanel/WHM uses alone
    and you want sufficeint RAM left over in case of traffic spikes etc.
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    Welcome to knownhost. I am a happy customer in South Korea
  5. NeilHerbert

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    I completely agree with Josh (ppc), the entry level vps with cPanel won't leave you enough ram to really allow your client's websites to be accessed. I started out with the M plan and found that cPanel took the ram usage close to 96%. Definatly start with the next plan up if you plan to have cPanel.
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    Thanks everyone for your replies.

    However I am a little more confused now - you are telling me that 128Mb of RAM will be mostly used by cPanel before we start serving websites. So what is the point of a plan with 128Mb - and what amount of resources (websites) could a plan with 128Mb of RAM be able to support.
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    When I first signed up a few months ago, I got the 128 mb plan, with cpanel. It did run ok, but it would regularly go into burst memory. Now this is ok most of the time, but if at any given time the entire server is getting maxed out, then burst memory can't be assured. That is probably when you would start seeing some issues.

    In the time I had that size account, I never had an issue and ran about 10 sites. For safety's sake I went up to the 256 mb plan for that server and I'm well within limits.

    If you're unsure, I suggest signing up for the 128 mb plan and trying it for yourself. The worst thing that will happen is that you need to upgrade to the higher plan, which is totally painless.

    I suggest you run a program such as VPSINFO to monitor how much burst ram you're using at any given time.

  8. ppc

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    Knownhost offers webmin which uses about 20 MB of RAM. Webmin is not a control panel, its just a graphical user interface to edit configuration files. i.e Some pro users wont be installing a real control panel and will work directly from the command line. For such users, 128 MB of RAM coupled with the burst RAM will be completly suffecient.

    You might find that buying the M package with Cpanel will be ok. We're just advising you of the little bit of memory left for spikes in traffic etc.

    The RAM difference between the M and the L package is considerable.

    The beauty of KH is that you can start out with the M package. If you find your constantly using burst RAM and your not seeing the performance you would like, you can easily upgrade to the next package with no downtime what so ever.

    Hope this helps.

  9. gameutopia

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    I think the 128mb package would be more for webadmin or directadmin, it's not too practical for a cpanel/whm setup. And since cpanel recently went to version 11 it seems to consume much more than it used to.

    Somewhat depends on how apache/php is setup or compiled and what you require. The 256mb package is actually pushing the limits for me with cpanel/whm 11, apache 2.2 and php5. I'm not really running much either. I had to tweak http.conf, spamd, and a few others just to get the memory consumption down.

    This however isn't related to knownhost it's mostly cpanel itself that consumes alot of resources.

    Anyway all packages are more reasonable for me than going dedicated for a small site, and knownhost's uptime is off the chart in my opinion compared to others.

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