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Ok I've been looking at the backups in vps panel, I've read that we can't download them or anything.

My question is how much space am I allowed for the backups? It looks like it will keep going until I run out of space?

If this being the case I have a rather large original I'm guessing backup of 1.14 gb's calls it full, then that follows with a incremental backup a few days later of 326 mb's. At that rate it wont be long until I run out of space. Since we can't download them...real bummer, eventually I am going to have to delete some if they keep going at the current rate.

So If I were to manage these and delete some, since I can't download them, which is kind of a bummer, anyway would I want to delete the incremental or the full?

If I delete the incrimental and keep the full backup the next incremental will just restore to that point in time? Or would I be better off wipping them all out and starting fresh when they get too big? Little confused.

Then lastly exactally how or when does this system decide to make a backup full or incremental? And what time are we talking about here? I don't see any way of changing this.

Thank you.
Howdy Gameutopia,

If you are talking about the backups you see in Virtuozzo then those are stored off server and do not take up your disk space.

If you are talking about backups that you run in WHM then yes they do take up your disk space but you can download them to free disk space back up. You can also FTP them elsewhere at the time the backup is created if you have space someplace else.
Yeah I was talking about the backup in Virtuozzo. I have 10 GB's space and I am using, 2.91 gb's with 7.09 available.

The 2 backups so far are a full 1.14 gb, and an incremental 326 mb.

I think actual content besides the os and control panel as in an additional web site maybe 600 or so mb's. It just seemed like 2.91 gb's of space was a lot for the os, cpanel/whm, and some updates, but maybe that is about right. I just assumed that the virtuozzo backups were consuming some of this space. If they aren't then that is good. I wont have to keep as close of an eye on them, and worry about deleting them then.

I did set whm to auto backup via ftp to some space on a different server. Seems to work well and delete's the backup files from my space here when it's done. So this isn't taking up any of the space. Just temporarily until it completes.

Anyway thanks for the info on the virtuozzo off server backup.

Thank you.
No problem :)

Check your /home folder too. You will probably find folders there that you don't recognize like .cpan and .cpcpan. Those are created by cpanel when it downloads it's daily updates and they are safe to delete.
This is exactly correct - VPS backups do not take any of your resources. Also, you don't have to worry about backups rotation as this is something that is handled automatically by the backup system we have in place. Currently we keep 2 full and up to 3 incremental per each full. If you want to remove VPS backups for whatever reason - be careful with this as removal of backups from VZPP will actually kill backups from our remote systems which may end up in inability to restore your VPS if physical server where your VPS is hosted will die.

This is a nice feature from KH to allow multiple back-ups. Something that you cannot find in most VPS providers.

I tried manual back-up and my VPS says, "You have reached maximum allowed number of backups.To make new backup You should remove older one or renew it."

The "New Back-up" button is inaccessible. Does that mean that this will be overriden as soon as KH's auto backup scripts kicks in?

If you'd like to create your own backup for whatever reason (i.e. you're doing an upgrade for some application and not sure how it will work, etc) you'll need to kill all auto-created backups and then you will be able to create full backup for your VPS which will store current image of your filesystem.

AOne thing I have done, for example, when I upgraded php.
I was running fine, but I deleted all vzpp backups.
Then clicked the button to generate a new full backup.
Once that was done I upgraded php and mysql.
Didn't need tha backups. But it's nice to have them. Other then that I forget about them.. I did need to extract a few files from them, I contacted support and toldthem what I needed, and they put the backed up files I needed for me in place.