VPS Backup Schedule


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I was wondering, since everyone potentially signs up on a different day probabally and backups run every other day late at night...What if say more than 1/2 of the customers on a server happened to all signup on the same backup rotation?

Could this possibly mean that more than 1/2 of the backups on a vps all happen to run on the same rotation?

I'm just wondering if backup schedules would be rotated and moved if that being the case. The reason I'm wondering is it seems like every other day my site is slower than XXX late at night, and I don't have squat on there. It's super fast during the day. Could be coincidence I know, but it occured to me maybe there is a lot of backups being done on the same night or something?

I'd like to think that would be monitored and addressed but when you have a bunch of servers with plenty of other things happening somtimes the simple things get overlooked.

I'm not complaining by no means, just curious. Knownhost Rocks!! and is by far superior to anyother host I've been with. The uptime and speed alone in my opinion is the best of the best!! I've never even had the need to contact support and that is a good thing!!