VPS-Apache Version Update.


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we are existing customer of KH on VPS

but our Apache version is 1.3.37
but there are update version of Apache is available..

how to get the update version? Do we need to open a support ticket to update apache last relase?

umm im confused in one issue regarding webserve & db server ? both is in one server ?
We have a caching utility that cache php script(eAcclerator) now we are planing to install Data Satore caching utility to cache sql in memory to boost up performace & reduce server load..
so we need to know all this thinngs.

Thanx in advance.

Yes please open a support ticket and our support team can assist you in the Apache upgrade. They can also address your other question regarding webserve & db server.


Apache 2.x support for cPanel is still in Alpha version. cPanel can work more or less reliable only with Apache 1.3.x. You may want to try to upgrade cPanel to the EDGE build and then compile Apache 2.x but this is not something that can be done on the production machine as Apache 2.x support is unstable and not reliable. Also we do not support any problems that may appear in EDGE cPanel build and/or in Apache 2.x configuration. EDGE can be used on test systems but definitely not on production machines.

As for your other question - yes, both web server and database server are running inside your VPS by default.

:) Thnx Mr.Joel/Paul for instant reply.

one more qus...our guranteed ram is 256 MB & 1GB is burst ram.

i have googled a lot for this burst ram issue

all those high tech words..makes my brain JAM :S

can i just get a single line when the BURST RAM is usable?

Burst memory can be used if physical server can handle memory allocation / usage request. In other words - it can be used as long as there is free memory on the physical machine and if allocation / usage request is within your burstable usage limit