VPS and IPv6 situation


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I'm currently on a managed DirectAdmin VPS located at Europe/Amsterdam and wondered if the former is IPv6 capable?

I'm being migrated over to IPv6 at my ISP (from HFC to FTTH) end by this Summer and use the above VPS for router/server hostnames locally - if that makes sence.

Regards, Kieran..
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We built everything in Amsterdam IPv6-ready but we're not actively deploying IPv6 on OpenVZ yet. Currently we're deploying IPv6 with Dedicated and Cloud offerings, but they are not available in Amsterdam.

Are you being migrated to IPv6 only, or just IPv6 in addition to v4? If you're being moved to IPv6 only...that's very odd. If the latter, it means everything will continue working as it is in addition to traffic flowing over IPv6 where possible :)