VPS all set up, New user questions


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Hello everyone,

My site is all running on the shiny new VPS, the support from Knownhost in getting my site going was sensational....:D

Now that the VPS is set up and running, Im wondering what I have to do next?

I have no prior experience with VPS, and have been on shared hosting for years.

Are there any user guides /tutorials on how to run /maintain the VPS server, Im not really sure what I should be looking for in the WHM Panel, nor the Power Panel.

My site is purring along nicely....... what do I do next?

Many thanks :)
Welcome to KH, this often referenced thread describes some of the security possibilities, not all are really 100% necessary and not all may apply to you but it is good reading in itself

Besides that just read some of the threads here, in particular the How To forums, and ask questions, KH and its forum/users are great.