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    Hi All:

    I am in the process of configuring cPanel accounts within WHM. BTW, this is my first VPS. So lots to learn :)

    My package is the SSD-1. It is provisioned with 2 IP addresses. So here are my questions:

    - What is the purpose of a 2rd IP address?
    -- Is the second IP address used when setting / changing the DNS records at my Registrar? For example:
    ns1.domain.com .... 1st IP address
    ns2.domain.com .... 2rd IP address

    For the purchase of the SSD-1, I used an existing Domain which is already hosted with another provider. Once I've deployed and tested the planned sites on the KH SSD-1, I will update the DNS at my registrar.

    Although the DNS for that domain is the same name at the other hosting provider and with KH, I assume the change of IP addresses will point the domain to KH server because the IP addresses are different? Correct?

  2. phpAddict

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    The sky's the limit. Dedicated IP for another domain, but if nothing else it will serve as your second Nameserver IP.

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