VPS-2 account and current CPanel software demands


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I have a VPS-2 account, and pay for a CPanel, but apparently the current CPanel software (which appears to have been a no-option update) demands at least 2 GB RAM to work correctly, instead of the 1 GB RAM which comes with my server package. Consequently the server has multiple failures (usually nameserver) daily and doesn't stop sending me error emails.

I can't even seem to find out, what an additional GB RAM would cost, and on the other hand I wonder why I pay for a CPanel, when the panel I get gives my server indigestion?


The legacy VPS-2 has a 2.5GB allocation of RAM, which is a little more than the recommended limit.

cPanel recommends 2GB, but will run on at least 1GB.

Source: https://documentation.cpanel.net/display/68Docs/Installation+Guide+-+System+Requirements

If the server is experiencing service failures, then this typically means that your server is experiencing Out of Memory errors in regards to either

A) Bruteforcing against specific PHP files (Such as wp-login and xmlrpc.)
B) Excessive bot crawlers
C) Combination of both
D) Something else that needs to be investigated. (Such has random POST requests to specific directories/files)

>> I can't even seem to find out, what an additional GB RAM would cost,

Our new plans no longer have service addons such as additional RAM/Disk Space.

These would be the MVPS line up here: https://www.knownhost.com/managed-ssd-vps.html

If you're experiencing service issues, you should open a ticket to get proper support so that your server can be investigated.