Virus Attachments in Email


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Dear Team,

i am facing issue of virus attachments in email. My server doesn't recognize the email to a "SPAM".

I receive email with virus attachment like invoice.doc and requirements.doc
Hey there.

If ClamAV isn't installed on the server; incoming emails won't be scanned for viruses.

Have you opened a ticket for this yet?
Clam AV Scanner is installed on Server. But it doesn't drops the virus attachments or event that mail. each time i scan the server manually, CLAM AV detects the virus email and has to be manually destroyed. is there any best antivirus or any other plugin which scans incoming emails and drop virus attachments before reaching enduser mailbox.
It doesn't sound like your configuration settings are correct. If Exim was configured with ClamAV -- then it should be dropping the infected email via ACL and not allowing it to be accepted.

I recommend opening a ticket so that we can take a closer look at your configuration and ensure that it's setup properly.