View Details about a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)


My test VPS doesn't have any CSRs generated which is where I just took a quick look, but what about at Home »SSL/TLS »SSL Storage Manager? I see a place for the CSR to have a view button there.
So this is what I see in my Home »SSL/TLS »SSL Storage Manager and when I click on a spy glass I don't see a CSR
I am trying to renew the cert for a customer I would normal just get the current CSR from the domain and past it into the area that requests it at NameCheap where I get my certs but I can't find the current one, I did have a copy of the one I used last year and it seemed to work but I haven't received my cert info yet so Geotrust is my next stop maybe last years CSR won't work because I moved to KH? and the old CSR was with HG? I'm not sure how all this works.