Very, very basic question (FTP)


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I purchased the cPanel VPS solution from KH on a great recommendation. After all the reviews, I am fairly excited. :)

However, I'm a designer, not too technically minded. So I'm here with a question that is probably incredible simple, but I just have no clue --

How do I connect to my website via FTP and start uploading my websites?

I use SmartFTP, have solid design background, I just don't know what actual Username/Pass etc to enter, or if I need to make a new account no cPanel, or anything of the sort.

Thanks in advance!
First, go into cPanel and create an account for your website, you might already have one. The username for this account is also the username for your FTP.

I think the password is the same as your cPanel password. Its probably in an email somewhere.

Your host is your domain or ip which you access cPanel from (without the port number).
Here's the process I took, and the result:

Logged into cPanel. Created new account.
Logged into SmartFTP using account information. Accessed several directories with no problem.

Uploading index.html files to test was unsuccessful. The files upload fine, but they are not visible at my site. It still shows the Apache/cPanel default.

If there is a default name/pass for FTP access to the full site, and if it was based on my own username/pass provided via e-mail, I was unable to access it.

Again, this stuff is probably very simple but it's beyond my own understanding at this time. Thanks, btw, for the response. :)

Sorry, this seems to have been a problem of me trying to access the site via the IP. Everything just got updated through godaddy and it appears my test files pop up just as I expect on the actual domain.

Thanks for the time, guys. :D