Very unpleasant behaviour of WHMCS licensing services.


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Hi there,
a pity that my introductory thread is about an unpleasant experience -NOT with KnownHost of course. I just started with a VPS3 a few days ago and am still busy setting my site up etc. I take that easy as I do it more for fun (and friends and family) than for business purpose.
4 months ago when I still was with another host I leased a WHMCS license directly from WHMCS (15.95$/mth) and bought the Live Chat add-on for a 1-time fee at the same time.
Of course I now took advantage of KnownHosts offer and canceled the leased license from WHMCS. The way they try to hold me back from acquiring/using a reseller license is within the worst commercial behaviors I ever encountered so far. But judge yourself. I copy their answers to my cancellation request below:

Your licence has now been scheduled to cancel at the end of the current billing cycle.

Please be aware that when you buy a license from a reseller you will lose these advantages that you do get when buying direct.

1. You would get lower priority support
2. You would not have access to our client area for the purpose of software downloads/upgrades
3. You would not get access to the free Enom/ResellerClub & MaxMind accounts we give to clients.
4. You would not be entitled to have a second free license for development
5. You would not be allowed to become a WHMCS licensed reseller yourself
6. You would need to submit any license requests, changes and billing issues to your reseller and that may take longer to process.

If we can be of any more assistance, please don't hesitate to get back in contact.

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Thomas Becker || Client04/01/2011 17:58
Hi John,

I very well understand your point but the prize difference is essential and sums up to 20% of my monthly cost.
What about eventual upgrades to the Live Chat Add-on I bought from you?
Will you terminate my customer account completely? - I hope not....


Andrew || Staff04/01/2011 18:27

The licensing addon will not be active on your new license. The addons can only be purchased when you have a license in an account directly with us.
Your license would be cancelled and this would include access to the Live Chat Addon as the license that is active is no longer in your account.

If you then decided to purchase a license from us in the future, we could transfer the Live Chat addon to a license within this account only,

Their arguments about faster support are laughable; I don't see how they want to beat KnownHost Support in that!

But they effectively take away something from me I paid a 1-time fee for. I guess that they are covered by their TOS but I cannot see why I possibly cannot use the add-on with the reseller license.
It is a valid WHMCS license anyway and KnownHost surely pays something for it to WHMCS.
Be it like that; I will not back out even if I lose my money. Meanwhile I bluntly requested a full
But they don't seem in a hurry to answer that request.

Now if some of you think this is not the right place for this: I believe that KH as a WHMCS reseller should be allowed to know about such .

And I promise that I will find something positive for future posts.


It's a bummer that plugins only work with the retail version of cPanel, and KnownHost has no control over that situation.

I'm wondering if you can license cPanel directly and use the plug-in on your KnownHost VPS, and still get managed support? The license will cost you more but at least you can use the plugin you purchased.
Please do not confound cPanel with WHMCS!
(WHMCS is a Billing and Support System and comes from a different company than cPanel).
The point is that KH resells the license to its customers at a reduced price (5$ instead of 15.95$). Probably by selling it at cost (or below) and that does obviously not fit WHMCS's commercial view for existing customers.
It's unpleasant and made me angry but WHMCS is still the best solution for my needs and on the long run they're losing more money than I did. So I'm already done with it but I will definitely not promote their services although I have always been a happy customer.
Of course. My mistake. I don't know why I was thinking cPanel itself. One of those days, I guess. Cheers.
I have to admit, i agree with you. I tried asking questions regarding the beta of 4.5 but it's a "benefit" of a direct customer to be a beta tester. I kindly responded with "Whose benefit is it testing your software for you?"

I've tried dealing with them over the last 4 weeks a few times. I'm curious what they consider priority support when the longest i've waited for a response was 26 hours. They went as far as asking for admin access to my WHMCS (i created a temporary account) and 26 hours later with no response i had to disable it.

Their support from experience knows what they are doing, but don't hold your breath. Considering KH sells it for $5 a license i can't for the life of me figure out why they rip off customers directly when maybe they should be the ones with the benefits.

WHMCS has potential but i find without an A+ team behind it, it's only as good as the people who run it. This is why i find KnownHost does so well. (Only as good as the people who run it)

They should appreciate all their customers equally. Plain and simple, yet they don't and personally i think that speaks wonders about the people who run WHMCS.