Very happy and keep up the good work


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It's not the end of the year (2006) but one more day, but I wanted to share with everyone my thoughts on knowhost.

With all the hoping around I have done with shred host to shared host I have only found one I really liked. But my database out grew them. Then it was the host jumping again.
I read many reviews and decided to go with knownhost. I dont nearly need a vps, Far from it, but the cost is right, and the freedom and flexability I have with you is surpurb!!

Well heres the jist of my post..
Uptime... Excellent. Very well done knownhost!!

Since: August 8, 2006
Outages: 1
Total Uptime: 99.985%
Last Check: December 30, 2006 at 12:58 AM PST+2.0

Site uptime Checked every 30 minutes.
2006 December 100.000%
2006 November 100.000%
2006 October 100.000%
2006 September 99.930% Downtime 0.070%
2006 August 100.000%

Down once in 5 months... Can't complain with that.. And if you look in this forum they explained the downtime.
If it's still confusing heres is my link for my site uptime

Well done and keep up the great work. Looking forward for a great year with you!