Very frustrating support experience - need help


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After several months of nice KH experience and several prior excellent support experiences as well, today something very much out of the ordinary is happening. The admin WP backends of all our websites have been basically offline for hours, and for more than two and a half hours I am having a bizarre experience with a support person, who apparently does not read what I write and did not even honor my first request to elevate the priority of my tickets to critical and to refer them to a supervisor. After my second request he just replied "there are currently no senior administrators on shift right this moment".
I know this is not a support forum but as the support system is obviously not working for us at the moment, I have no other option to ask what is going on. Please excuse this post and I hope it will serve to make things better at KH. At the same time however I hope that someone with actual authority at KH looks at ticket 630193 and reads through the conversation carefully.
Hi geko,

I'm sorry for the troubles you're experiencing. I've replied to your ticket few minutes ago and, just like Michael, I have failed to duplicate the problem. I have also provided reports that confirm that sites are available and are a lot quicker than what is listed in your ticket. Unfortunately we can't check speed of admin backend as no admin access was provided. Please check my reply and get back to me with the information requested so we can figure out what exactly is going on there.

Thanks Paul for your reply. I replied to the ticket. Connectivity from our side is fine. I would appreciate if the support persons there actually read what we, the customers, write. As you have obviously read the exchange I hope you know what I mean. This is in the interest of everyone.