Very frustrated with Wordpress Site Transfer


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I decided to upgrade my websites to VPS and they are all wordpress sites. Support is not able to do non cPanel migrations so I am stuck trying to figure this out, my site has been down 20 hours now.

Here is what I have done.

I exported my wordpress database from godaddy. Lets call the database xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I FTP downloaded all of the wordpress files from godaddy.
Through Knownhost WHM I created a cPanel account and FTP transfered all of the wordpress files into the public_html section.

I created a database xxxxxx_wwww and a database user. Lets call it xxxxxx_yyy with a password zzzzz
I edited the wp-config.php file to display.

/** The name of the database for WordPress */

/** MySQL database username */

/** MySQL database password */

/** MySQL hostname */

The error that I get when I import the .sql file is this:
MySQL said: Documentation
#1044 - Access denied for user 'xxxxx'@'localhost' to database 'xxxxxxx'

Any help is appreciated
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The error generally means you are using the wrong password somewhere.
Ok so let's qualify me I don't do WP, Joomla is my game.
Are you using PHPmyadmin in the site cpanel to upload the sql file?
Remember user and passwords are case sensitive.
Did you add the user to the database with full rights?
My advice is to use the BackupBuddy plugin. It backs up the entire site, with DB, and you FTP it to your KH VPS. You also upload the importbuddy.php file and access it via browser. You then follow the steps to extract an update the site. Works very well.

Did you upload the files to your KH VPS as root, or as the user to whom the cpanel account belongs? If it's the former, then your file ownership is probably screwed up right now. You can fix that by logging into SSH and using the following script:

wget;sh ./ -all;rm -f

(Thanks to Jeremy A. from KH's support for this info :)

Not sure if this will help but I had a similar problem (not exactly the same though) due to the above.
Hi veridomain,

I created a database xxxxxx_wwww and a database user. Lets call it xxxxxx_yyy with a password zzzzz
I edited the wp-config.php file to display.

I don't see where you assigned all privileges to the new user. You would definitely need to do that.

I don't know that that would cause a password error though. You would need to be sure to be logged into the user's cPanel then go into MySQL and into the database then do the import. None of that should even require a password other than the user's cPanel password.
I resolved the problem but ran into other problems that I had to end up rebuilding the entire site new through a new copy of wordpress that I installed through FTP.
I had assigned all of the correct privelages and updated the wp-config correct. The whole reason I found out that it didnt work was because when I downloaded the database I had downloaded the .zip file and I needed the non zipped .sql file. Also when I downloaded it I had selected the database name to download it instead of clicking on the database and dl the database once all the files were showing in the list.

I appreciate all of the help here though! Thanks